Accessible Design Benefits Everyone

Just as a badly designed building can prevent some from entering, poorly designed web content can create unnecessary barriers for people with disabilities. These barriers can stop an organization from reaching its audience and achieving its goals.

In addition to the graphic design services offered by Rafael Frausto Design, we are also committed to providing ADA compliance services that ensure the accessibility of your PDFs. Let us help make your online content more accessible!

The Benefits of Having ADA Compliant PDFs

Making your online content accessible not only provides advantages for your business, but also contributes to society through increased access to information. By making the Web more accessible, you help make it a friendlier and more inclusive place. Users will be more informed, connected and able to contribute to the online community.

Some of the business advantages include:

  • Your PDFs will appear higher in search engines. 
  • Screen readers will be able to easily navigate through your PDFs.
  • You will run less risk of incurring legal fees.
  • You will increase your audience reach (users with visual impairments).


  • You will be helping to make the web a more friendly and inclusive place!

Minimize Legal Risk: Persons with disabilities who find it difficult to access online content can use the ADA as basis for making a legal complaint against the site's owner. You can therefore avoid legal complaints from users by making your site (and PDFs) ADA compliant. Under general rules governing lawsuits brought by the Federal government, the Department of Justice may not sue a party unless negotiations to settle the dispute have failed.

The Department of Justice may file lawsuits in federal court to enforce the ADA, and courts may order compensatory damages and back pay to remedy discrimination if the Department prevails. Under title III, the Department of Justice may also obtain civil penalties of up to $55,000 for the first violation and $110,000 for any subsequent violation*.

Therefore, making your site ADA compliant not only makes your site accessible to all users but it also helps you avoid costly legal problems.

The Process

PDFs are thoroughly examined and processed to adhere to the ADA and Section 508 standards of accessibility.

Services include: 

  • Updating document and applying edits if necessary 
  • Proofing document properties
  • Removing hidden content or comments
  • Bookmarking (required for documents over 9 pages)
  • Testing hyperlinks
  • Checking reading order
  • Checking accessibility tags
  • Running a final accessibility report

PDF forms will be converted accordingly so that the entire document can be filled out, saved and printed.


*ADA Homepage - U.S. Department of Justice

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

WAI - Web Accessibility Initiative